ASSASSINS opening weekend! "Attention must be paid..."

GET YOUR TICKETS HERE Assassins is arguably one of Sondheim's most controversial productions ever brought to the stage. It brings some of America's darkest moments in history to life. This production portrays disturbed individuals in history who attempted to or successfully assassinated American presidents. Assassins places 9 individuals of the past in front of an audience as they present their flawed reasoning as to why they resorted to such violence.

Assassins challenges the audience to look at how our societies disaffected individuals take their bitterness or rage to twist both logic and reason. As we watch this motley crew come together, as an audience, we become aware that these delusional outsiders have found an alarming catch within the American dream... When wealth and success don’t pan out, violence can make you famous. As a theatre, Dare 2 Defy asks our audience to join us as we bring works of art to life on stage. We value interesting, entertaining, and even challenging live professional theatre. Staged musicals and plays can force us to examine the darkest parts of society, and at times, even ourselves. Assassins allows an audience to do exactly that in the safety of a live theatrical performance. There are those who love regretting There are those who like extremes There are those who thrive on chaos And despair There are those who keep forgetting That the country's built on dreams D2D's Assassins run January 18 through the January 26 at the new PNC Arts Annex. For information on how to order tickets click HERE. We look forward to seeing you at the show!

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