Kids & Fine Arts: An Education Lifehack!

If you've been to a Dare 2 Defy production, then you already know theatre is undeniably

important to our artists, staff, and patrons. When you sit down with anyone on the D2D team and ask, "So why theatre?" you quickly find similar responses from directors, actors and even our executive staff. Why Theatre? Because theatre makes life more beautiful. It plants you in the shoes of a character on stage allowing you to empathize and better understand your neighbors. You are also more than likely to hear, "I was in a school play as a kid and knew I wanted to make theatre a part of my life!"

D2D has never forgotten what it meant to be a child or teenager experiencing theatre for the first time. Because of this, we strive to make sure every child in Dayton has the opportunity to fall in love with theatre. Dare 2 Inspire: Theatre 4 Young Artists, is our way of bringing cutting-edge and meaningful theatre experiences into the lives of children across the Dayton region. We create an environment where all children feel welcomed, empowered, respected, and supported by adults as well as their peers. All while using theatrical and pro-social education in addition to the creation of vibrant full-scale productions. Through these methods, we're helping create a new generation of confident, articulate, dynamic, and altruistic young people who will make positive impacts on their communities, whether they choose a career in the arts or otherwise. The best part? Arts education makes kids smarter! Nurturing creativity while supporting resourceful problem-solving and imaginative thinking, you find a transference of skills & knowledge to new experiences and life's hurdles. Growing evidence continues to show arts participation helps young children develop strong social and emotional skills. It's also proven to benefit learning in language and literacy, math and science, and most importantly in social emotional development.

Dare 2 Inspire offers a variety of experiences for every young artist. In March, Dare 2 Inspire will take to The Victoria Theatre stage as we introduce you to our youth production of The Wizard of Oz. We're also incredibly excited for our upcoming summer youth productions of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Sweeney Todd, and Matilda! Also this summer, we will host a 2 week camp designed to mold the next generation of theatre professionals in a guided, dynamic, education-driven program tailored to the needs of each student. Learning dance, acting, set-design, costuming and more! To learn more about what's coming up next at Dare 2 Defy, visit us at or find us on FACEBOOK. For tickets to The Wizard of Oz head over to Ticket Center Stage.

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