Violet: A Musical Journey About the Importance of Healing

Set in 1964, 12 years after her face was "split in two" during an unimaginable accident, Violet sets out on a journey she prays will be forever life-changing. Friendless, fatherless, and with hope hanging on by a thread, she begins her journey traveling from South Carolina to Oklahoma where Violet intends to meet a TV evangelist and ask him to heal her disfigured face. A face she can't find a way to love. This 900 mile bus-driven pilgrimage may give Violet exactly what she needs -- A reflection she can no longer avoid.

Based on the Doris Betts novel 'The Loneliest Pilgrim,' Jeanine Tesori and Brian Crawley’s Violet carefully places this morose, scarred young woman in an unexpected love triangle with two soldiers she's met at a rest-stop diner as they make their way to Fort Smith in Arkansas. Directed by Dayton's own Philip Drennen (Assassins, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tick, Tick Boom) the cast of 11 features Rachel Hertenstein (Violet) in the title role, Garrett Young (Monty) and Norman Moxley II (Flick) as soldiers who befriend Violet, with Jennifer Barnaba (Young Violet) portraying violet at 13, Skyler McNeely (Father) as her father, Joshua Stucky (Preacher) as the TV evangelist, Samantha Renee (Almeta) and Samantha Seeberg (Prostitute | Old Lady) in supporting roles. Along with vocally powerful chorus members Naman Clark, Mike Embree, Abigail Land, and Angie Thacker.

Violet's story shows us life should be about valuing strength of character rather than looks. And through this entire journey, the question we hope to have answered is a simple one, what is beauty and is it truly only skin deep?

Violet opens on the PNC Arts Annex stage for a two weekend run: March 15th through the 23rd. To purchase tickets visit We look forward to seeing you at the show!

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